Security Guard Staffing Solutions

Security Company For Hire in Toronto, Canada

Providing quality guards on demand

Olympian Security offers security guard staffing solutions that allow clients to hire guards on a temporary or permanent basis, as needed. This allows clients to have access to quality security personnel on an as-needed basis, without the need to maintain a full-time security staff. Get a quote for our services today.


Olympian Security can subcontract security guard services to other companies, providing trained and experienced guards to meet their staffing needs.

Full Time Dispatch and Uniform Management

Olympian Security provides full-time dispatch and uniform management services, ensuring that guards are dispatched to the right locations at the right times and that they have the necessary equipment and uniforms to perform their duties.

Full Background and Vetting Process

Olympian Security has a thorough background and vetting process for all of its security guards, ensuring that they are qualified and fit for duty.

Olympian Security's security guard staffing solutions are designed to help businesses and organizations meet their staffing needs on an as-needed basis. Our team of experienced security personnel is trained to provide top-quality security services and our full-time dispatch and uniform management services ensure that they are able to do so efficiently and effectively. Get a quote today.